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   The Dilmont Group is headquartered in Montreal, Canada and we distribute and collaborate world wide.  Dilmont has been proudly innovating for more than a century. We have developed specialty compounds used to make products in many sectors, including personal care, transportation, health care, aviation and many more. 



  The Dilmont Group are custom applied chemistry experts dealing in specialty waxes both for industrial, retail and commercial uses.  



 We have been meeting our customers unique needs for over a 100 years . Our expertise is in finding solutions to their challenges, and working with them on an ongoing basis to meet any new challenges. 

Brief History

Dilmont’s operations started in 1911 and was originally called Davies Irwin Limited.  The name was shortened to Dilmont in 1965. 

Dilmont originally started as a commodities broker and distributor. Almost from the beginning Dilmont began meeting the special needs of our clients through the sourcing of standard and hard to find resources from around the world.  As manufacturing processes became more complex Dilmont moved with the times and we established our own laboratory and processes to  start creating the compounds that are not produced by mother nature. 


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